“Full steam ahead” by Cindy


Thought it would be fun to show you just how organized our plans are…

And yes, this means we finally got a printer/scanner.

In other news, our farm website is in the works, we started some onions and leeks, our garlic is sending up shoots, we submitted our application to the farmers’ market, and we are rototiller shopping (anyone know where we can get a good used BCS?). The greenhouse strawberries do not look so good, but more on that later. G was here and we went for a nice walk-around, and he gave us some helpful tips. Then, feeling inspired, Joan, John, and I did some raspberry topping – boy, do things ever get done more quickly with three people!

But wait, didn’t you just finish pruning the raspberries (or did I forget to mention that?)? Yes, the raspberries were fully pruned, but in the spring, which it is starting to feel like around here (sorry you Ontario suckers), it is best to top the raspberries before they put too much energy into getting tall. We want them wide and full of lateral pickable branches, so we chop them at about head level (my head).

Next, we get to tackle pruning the blueberry field (there are a lot of blueberries in that field). Today, though, it’s all about using the fancy pH meter we borrowed from a wonderful local farmer (thanks Dan from Dragonfly!) to check our beds. This way, we can amend them as needed and prepare for a bountiful crop. Don’t I sound optimistic? I haven’t even had any caffeine today.

Anyway, things are exciting around here, and we are looking forward to long sunny days in the field. It’s good to be positive, right?


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  1. If you need/want any help with the farm website & I can help, let me know, okay?


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