“When you don’t get your happy ending” by Cindy

Here is a link to a blog I wrote in 2016 for Fertility Matters Canada: http://fertilitymatters.ca/2016/08/08/dont-get-happy-ending/

I have so much more to share and write, so more soon, I hope!


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  1. “I do not believe that I am ever going to be OK with my infertility, but I know now that that is OK.” That puts it in a nutshell for me after so many tries at donor egg IVF including a miscarriage and still an empty house. My husband was diagnosed with clinical depression a few weeks ago, and is taking steps as well to deal with it. We’ve also been waiting for child from Ethiopia for a year-and-a-half and I’ve been told now it will be at least two to four more years and I’m turning 43 in a couple of weeks and my husband is turning 50 this summer. We also looked into foster care and unfortunately the agency DHS here in Oregon is riddled with fraud and really made us mistrust how they would take care of us and the children in their care. We’re doing our final round of donor egg IVF and the next couple of months and then putting it to bed if it doesn’t work. We may or may not consider domestic adoption if we can come up with another $30,000… no easy task. It’s a hard path, no matter what we decide to do.

    Thank you for writing this piece.


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