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“Chicken Numbers and Business Sense” by John

Last weekend I went to an event on Saturday called the “Survival of Agriculture Forum 2” It featured a number of panel speakers, successful farmers, researchers etc., a lunch speech by the provincial ag critic, and an afternoon session talking about the proposed $100/farm levy, among other things.
One of the morning speakers was a successful (7 or so employees, farming full time) organic veggie grower from up island. Another was an agrologist/researcher (also from up island) who has done a number of state of the industry reports.
The lessons I learned were that you have to pay attention to the small details and treat the farm like a business AND that, according to the agrologist at least, if you’re not grossing $40,000 in sales, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll break even.

So, I’m trying to pay attention to the details in this post.

Eggs in the laying box

I swear, I didnt' line these up. The chickens did that themselves

We record the number of eggs we get per day. The average for October was about 10/day. The average for November will be slightly less I suspect. That gives us about a dozen eggs to sell ($3.50/dzn) every 2 days after we eat our share.
We haven’t been tracking each time we put in a new bag of feed (one today) which is the next thing we need to track in order to figure out costs. Cindy figures we use about a bag ($12/bag) per week.
Running the numbers, it appears that we can gross about $600 over the year with a net profit of just about $0 (not including labour, hydro or water) … but at least we get free eggs!
So … how do people make a living in this business again?