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“Updates” by Cindy

Be advised – the following post is a collection of random unconnected updates. I am too lazy to work on flow today.

You may have noticed that I have updated the wedding page, and added a new page, entitled Renaissance Women, to the blog . This is a new project I will be blogging about, so when you see the tag “renaissance women” in a post (I fully plan to use tags when I figure them out), you will know what it is about.

Farm update… seeds arrived.

A tiny box full of future food

This tiny box has so many seeds in it – it’s hard to believe how much food will come out of that box over the year.

Also, here is a picture of our poor chicken with the weird growth – we have been researching online and found that some people think you should leave the chicken alone as long as it is acting normal, and others suggest trying to lance it and see what happens. Others just say to put it on next week’s menu. We aren’t sure what to do, but we definitely do not want to spend an exhorbitant amount on taking it to a vet. Any votes?

Chicken with growth

Here are a couple of pictures I took today when Yan and John were jumpstarting the two cars that are now being stored here (one is the car share car from John’s work, and the other is Emily’s – she’s leaving it here while she is off gallavanting around Asia). I just thought they looked so cute. I don’t know what they are looking at.

Men at work

Random photos I took from plane ride home:

View from plane

View from plane2

Also, our choir concert was on Friday, and John had three solos. He was awesome. I would upload a video, but apparently that costs money… so no luck. Maybe I’ll try facebook, or I’ll youtube it and post a link. If people are interested in seeing it.

John in bowtie

Made more pickled beets today with Yan and Joan’s help. One of the jars broke in the canner and spilled its contents into the water bath. That was sad. We also irrigated the greenhouse, washed and returned a rototiller, and dumped out the chicken feeders from the meat birds. They will need some serious scrubbing though because they were full of moldy feed – which apparently looked like dog food to Bobo. Sometimes, we are forced to question his intelligence.

He is cute, though.

Bobo with his favourite toy