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“Milch?” by John

On the advice of one of my farmer friends (thanks Terra Nossa) I’ve started surfing the various “used” sites (UsedCowichan, craigslist etc) for anything and everything that might some day be useful. A task made much easier thanks to the wonderful birthday gift of an iPod from Cindy (thanks Cindy ).

I recently saw an exciting ad for “Free Goats with Babies” on UsedVictoria. Someone going out of business who has no more time for farming giving away (FREE!) 6 does each with 2-3 babies of the Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf varieties.

Hmmm – I think to myself – tempting. I can’t drink cow milk but can drink goat milk, and my housemates have started making butter and cheese and yummy stuff like that so maybe having our own milk goats would make sense!

Luckily Cindy suggested I do a little bit of research and I ran across this blog – Dairy Goats: Anchoring Your Homestead with Personality and Ice Cream. The opening paragraph sounded like me (I’ve included it below) so I kept reading. You should to.

“You’ve got your veggie gardens planted and your free-range chickens are happily scratching around eating their own weight in bugs and laying beautiful eggs for you every day. This Homesteading stuff isn’t so hard (self-satisfied smirk)

In fact, it’s the most natural thing in the world to take it another step, fence in that yard, put up a shed and go shopping for The Dairy Goat.”

Final verdict – I think I’ll wait a while longer before embarking on any more livestock adventures.

I think …