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“Farm Tour”

I’m no Tanya Lorenz, but we gave it a shot… Sorry it’s so long I had to make it two links.


“Duck videos” by John

So far the ducks have been a source of great entertainment – definitely worth the stress of caring for 7 more lives and worrying about them all the time. Tonight is the first night I’m letting the sleep with the lid off the brooder. It’s easier to get the heat lamp close to them this way. I’ve been worried about animals getting in there and deciding that ducks would make a tasty treat, but there’s been no sign of that so I think it’ll be ok. Of course, now that I’ve written this I’m worry again – maybe I’ll go put it half on.

Anyway, I’ve got four videos uploaded to my youtube profile (johnofnotrades – you should subscribe!) but I’m going to post them here as well for those of you who, like me, want everything all in one place. Enjoy!

The first video of our new ducks:

Still the first day here, in their brooder:

Still the fist day – ok, maybe I was a bit camera happy:

Second duck day:

Today – first free-range experience:

“Cindy vs the Snakes” by Cindy

first attempt at video blog